Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration Plants: Cold Production with Thermal Energy

Ammonia Absortion Type AD 10

The Colibri Absorption Refrigeration Plant use Ammonia as refrigerant, water as an absorbent, and produce cold for industrial applications at temperatures down to -60°C. Often they are combined with cogeneration plants which are introduced in many industrial sectors for the simultaneous production of electricity and process heat (tri-generation). For industrial applications with a large cooling demand, the combination of a cogeneration and an Absorption Refrigeration Plant provides an optimal use of the generated thermal energy and an improved balance of electric consumption.

Heat as Driving Energy

Any fluid or gas with a specific minimum temperature can be used as a source for the driving energy. Most common are steam, hot water or directly fired plants.

Ammonia as a Refrigerant

All plants delivered by Colibri b.v are working with ammonia as a refrigerant. Ammonia is natural refrigerant and is environment-friendly. It can be used at evaporation temperatures down to -60°C.

High Reliability and Availability

Because most of the components of an ARP are heat exchangers the plants are very robust and are not susceptible to wear. Industries with high demands on availability, like chemical or freeze drying industries, use often ARP’s for their process cooling.

Low Maintenance

ARP’s need very little maintenance. Only the liquid pumps and the pneumatic valves consist of moving components which are susceptible to wear. Maintenance is an easy task and no specialist are required.

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